DIY Pest Control Products

Here are some of the most popular products we are asked for in the DIY market. If the product you would like is not listed, please ask and we will do our utmost to get it for you.

The Big Cheese Rat Kill Station

The Big Cheese Rat Kill Station comes ready-baited with eight All-Weather Bait Blocks, sufficient to kill up to 10 rats. Keeps bait fresh and ensures safe application in indoor and outdoor areas. To reduce the spread of disease the Rat Kill Station is designed to be disposable. Tough, tamper proof lid for complete peace of mind. Recessed bait reservoir prevents accidental spillage of rodent bait and the secure feeding enviroment encourages maximum bait take. Durable ABS plastic housing suitable for use in any enviroment. Features and Benefits * All-Weather Block bait reduces risk of spillage or accidental exposure. How to use: Always read the label and product information before use.

Price £15.38 + P&P

Rentokil Rat Killer 400g

Rentokil Rat Killer 400g contains natural whole wheat and is a specialist anticoagulant poison containing Bromadiolone.

This product can be used in both the home and garden to effectively kill rats. Features and Benefits * Indoor and outdoor use. * Easy to use. * Kills rats. How to use: Always read the label and product information before use. Where to use: This product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Price £8.95 + P&P

Small Round Bait Trays

Pack of 6 Small Round Bait Trays (40mm dia x 12.5mm deep).

Open trays placed in dark, sheltered positions encourage mice to feed.

Use Mouse Bait Trays with any of our Whole Grain Mouse Poisons.

Only to be used where there is no possibility of access by non-target animals or birds.

Each tray measures 40mm dia x 12.5mm deep, and is red in colour.

Small Round Bait Trays

Price £0.83 + P&P


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