The AF Advance Mouse Box

The AF Mouse Box

The AF Advance Mouse Box is designed to hold mouse poisons safely and securely away from pets, children and non-target species. The box is opened with a simple lever key which is supplied, making it harder to access the poisons inside. The box has a simple tunnel with an internal side door which leads to a compartment where poisons can be placed. A metal rod allows poisons to be suspended, making it perfect for soft pasta baits.

The AF Advance Mouse Box

New locking system

• New locking system with the universal AF stainless steel key

• Detachable lid for ease of servicing and record keeping

• Internal “fins” securely hold the popular block baits on the market

• Feet on the base will help to keep the Advance above (e.g. cleaners washing floors)

Fits onto the AF Inset Monitor

• Fits onto the AF Inset Monitor to form an Integrated Monitoring/Control System

• Used with the AF Bait Box Security Shoe. Allows the box to be secured to walls and floors.

• The box can only be removed by the technician once the box is open

• Has asymmetrical internal baffles - preventing access by human fingers

Protected lock

• Protected lock enhancing tamper resistance

• Optional extra liner tray available for loose grain bait, wax bait and liquid bait

• Can be used with the AF Location Bracket when clipped to the AF Insect Monitor

• Internal fins securely hold the most popular blocks on the market

The AF Discreet Mouse Box

Smaller and more discreet

• With many of the features of the Advance Mouse Box but smaller and more discreet

• Making the AF Discreet Mouse Box ideal for use in confined spaces

• This small plastic liner fits exclusively into the AF Advance Mouse Box

• Accommodates loose grain bait, wax bait and liquid baits

Advance Liner

• The AF Advance Liner makes cleaning easier when using paste baits

• Enables the box to be used with either small grain baits or liquid baits

• Both the AF Advance and AF Discreet can be held in place using 1.2mm birdwire (NET149)

• Crimps (NET079) and crimping pliers (BIR018) will be needed with the option

A compact, discreet bait box

• Leave enough wire to allow the box to be lifted and serviced during inspection, usually 40-50cm

• This bait shoe is used to secure the AF Discreet and AF Advance Mouse Box

• A compact, discreet bait box that provides maximum flexibility

• The AF Discreet Mouse Box can be placed easily under and behind fixtures and fitting

The AF Snappa Mouse Box

The most versatile box with many unique features

• See-through lid available

• Universal key, fits all AF Range

• Fits onto the AF Shoe and AF Insect Monitor

• Fingers can’t get inside the box - added safety

A kilo of bait

• Body of mouse is not visible once trapped, discreet for food areas

• Inspection slot enables you to see at a glance if trap has been activated

• Inspection label can be affixed to the inside of the lid aiding record keeping

• Takes the Snap-E mouse trap & Trapper Snap Trap as well as bait blocks using bait rods

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