Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons and Gulls

Whatever the installation, the same basic principles apply. A tensioned cable is fitted to the perimeter of the area to be proofed, the tension being supplied through the use of barrel strainers. The cable is attached at the corners to net bolts using special crimps or wire rope grips. Net bolts are also used at 10 metre intervals to attach support cables.

Black net

• This is the most widely used net with a long history of effectiveness in many situations worldwide

• They are made from durable and long lasting materials which will not absorb water

• Made with UV light-stabilised 12/4 twine

Stone net

• Virtually unaffected by extremes of temperature

• They are chemically inert and have outstanding electrical insulating properties

• Also a flame retarded net is available which conforms to British Standard BS 5438

Transl net

• A thinner net is available and less visible twine making it useful where visibility of the net is critical

• If access is needed behind the net once it is installed zips can be inserted in the appropriate places

• Bird netting systems can be used against any of the urban pest species

Avipoint G20

• Used for medium pressure pigeon installations - daytime perching on narrow ledges and pipework

• Stainless Steel Wires, insert moulded into a UV protected polycarbonate base

• If installing 2 or more rows leave a gap of no more than 65mm between the outer tips of each strip

Avipoint P14

• To glue in place use either Avisil (ADH001) or Avifix (ADH006) adhesive

• Alternatively you can attach to gutters and beams using the appropriate Aviclips. You cannot use with the Window Clips

• If installing 2 or more rows leave a gap of no more than 65mm between the outer tips of each strip

Bird Management

A range of bird management spikes are manufactured in the United Kingdom, in a unique and automated process, to ensure the highest quality standards. They are used to protect buildings against pigeons in a wide range of situations, from daytime perching to night roosting sites and from the narrowest of pipes to the widest of building ledges.


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